Hey…and welcome ; )

If you like your music melancholy but melodic; a little off kilter but readily engaging; and with beautiful, charismatic female vocals (not mine obvs!) and organic instrumentation…then read on!
I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs for 30+ years but only releasing my music now. The reason is simply that, prior to properly learning production over the past few years, I was never able to achieve the sound that I wanted. My recordings, particularly back in the 90s, resulted in plenty of frustration and very little satisfaction.

Finally, what you hear now is how I always wanted my music to sound. My goal is to hopefully find a modest audience that likes what I do. With gazillions of new tunes being released every week the challenge is bound to be monumental but I’m committed to sticking with it and releasing a new single at least once a month.

If you like my tunes I’d be super grateful if you’d follow me on your streaming platform of choice (and the usual social media platforms too please!) and feel free to recommend me to your pals : )

Jamie, Nov 2023